Hey, I'm Marco.

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I am a software engineer turned freelance consultant with a passion for agile values, knowledge transfer, and all things innovation. I consider myself a lifelong learner. And I build things in public.

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I have a day job and I build bootstrapped products.
Here are all projects I've been working on lately.

Marco Spörl

My freelance job is helping companies build better products by developing great teams and awesome people. (German only.)


Automatic searches and keyword monitoring for Twitter help you get your next opportunity on autopilot.

Basic Problem

My free, personal newsletter about the journey to build bootstrapped side projects.


A clean movie and series trailer feed, without any clutter.

Things on Things

Designs for the fashionable nerd. (German only.)


A database with extensive data on 60,000+ crowdfunding campaigns.

Simply Pace

A pace calculator app for Android. (Discontinued)


A community curated list of canvases for strategic management and execution. (Discontinued)

Rate My UX

A quick overview of the UX quality of your product. (Discontinued)


Thoughts and things I learned from my professional work and my journey as an indie hacker.

This week's special is for both programmers and not-yet-programmers. For the former, you may discover tools you did not know yet or find an underserved niche. For the latter, I hope you discover that coding is not that hard and there's a plethora of components you can pick from to build your product...

If you want to read a great overview about curation and opportunities that arise from this, let it be Infobesity: the splendour and misery of curation overload from Marie Dollé. If you're not subscribed to her newsletter In Bed With Social yet, do so now. Go ahead. I'll wait here.


It's not always all digital when it comes to creating a side business. Why not sell physical products?

I know, I know. Selling shirts/ stuff with prints is a Red Ocean. So what? Find a niche you can sell to and you have the chance to have a decent passive income. Yes, T-Shirt Sales Isn't Profit...