Hey, I'm Marco.

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I am a software engineer turned project lead with a passion for agile values, knowledge transfer, and all things innovation. I consider myself a lifelong learner. And I build things in public.

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In my spare time, I build bootstrapped products and tools. Here are all side projects I've been working on lately.


Intelligent keyword monitoring for Twitter to help you get the most relevant social listening results.

Things on Things

Designs for the fashionable nerd. (German only.)

Basic Problem

My free, personal newsletter about the journey to build bootstrapped side projects.


A database with extensive data on 60,000+ crowdfunding campaigns.


A clean movie and series trailer feed, without any clutter.

Simply Pace

A pace calculator app for Android. (Discontinued)


A community curated list of canvases for strategic management and execution. (Discontinued)

Rate My UX

A quick overview of the UX quality of your product. (Discontinued)


Thoughts and things I learned from my professional work and my journey as an indie hacker.

Trending topics, breaking news, all the buzz... Don't we all love it? It is a good indicator to look at something worth pursuing. And many do. Just try to count all products covering social proof, social media scheduling, keyword monitoring (cough), link-in-bio, or GPT-3-based copy generators.


Reading "Collectors are as confused as you are about that $1.56M Super Mario 64 sale" made me curious. What you'd expect from a collector is this: "the biggest collectors generally wanted to own a complete, playable set of all the titles on their favorite platforms." And, of course, "as these comp...

Music is arguably one of the best things humanity ever invented. And though music itself has become ubiquitous, leading some voices to declare businesses around music dead, reality tells a different story. "Music" is more than just listening to something on Spotify or Apple Music. It opens up a vast...