Yesterday, I posted my side project Crowdfunded on Hacker News. It happened on a whim, without any major preparation. Now that a little more than 24h have passed, it's time to share what happened.

So, what did happen?


Well, close to nothing. But certainly no run on the landing page or any of the infamous comments on HN.

Some numbers. As of writing, my post has 4 points. About only 30 visitors to the landing page. No side effects on visits to my personal site, subscribers for my newsletter, or new followers on Twitter.

To be honest, that's certainly not what I expected. And nonetheless, I do not consider this as a fail. For me, the question was not "why do it" but "why not". It was an exercise in exposing me and my work. To step out of my comfort zone. It was an experiment.

I don't consider the (great) folks at HN or PH to be the target customers for Crowdfunded as crowdfunding campaigns tend to concentrate on physical products, "artsy" stuff etc. Me posting there is more like dynamite fishing. I'll focus on spear fishing in the future.

I want to share this with you as I think that the Makersphere needs the full bandwidth of our experiences while building things. Survivorship bias lurks at every corner 😉 Feel free to follow me for more stories about marketing Crowdfunded and building new products.

This post originally appeared as a Twitter thread.

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