As #buildinpublic also means "fail in public", here is something to learn from.

Some stats on yesterday's launch of Crowdfunded on Product Hunt:

  • 142 votes
  • 8 comments (excluding my own)
  • 2 reviews
  • 10th most popular product for the day

And 0 new customers.

As for any side effects:

  • 2 new followers on Twitter
  • No new subscriptions to Basic Problem
  • A couple of service offers to help me reach product of the day/ week/ month (which I declined, obviously)

Some personal takeaways and learnings. As this was my first launch on PH, I don't have a solid opinion about this platform yet. Interesting to see, though, how the voting dynamic changes and what PH chooses to tweet throughout the day.

And, most importantly: I won't give up on Crowdfunded yet. There are at least three hypothesis why I got no conversions, all of them worth testing out:

  • Unattractive value proposition
  • Marketing to the wrong customer segment
  • Wrong pricing model

On we go. Crowdfunded is only one week old and I there are plenty of MVP iterations to make.

This post originally appeared on Indie Hackers.

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