Thoughts and things I learned from my professional work and my journey as an indie hacker.

Before picking up a new project, I'd like to look back on past projects, why I started working on them, how I built them, and what happened to them. This is part one of a two-part series and covers the time before "Maker Twitter."

I'll not cover every single project, though. A game I started back...

Yesterday, I posted my side project Crowdfunded on Hacker News. It happened on a whim, without any major preparation. Now that a little more than 24h have passed, it's time to share what happened.

So, what did happen?


Well, close to nothing. But certainly no run on the landing page or...

As #buildinpublic also means "fail in public", here is something to learn from.

Some stats on yesterday's launch of Crowdfunded on Product Hunt:

  • 142 votes
  • 8 comments (excluding my own)
  • 2 reviews
  • 10th most popular product for the day

And 0 new customers.

As for any side effects:

  • 2...

As I'm starting to write this post, I have a feeling that it might not be short and sweet in the end, but rather longish and... bitter sweet. I'll give you some context about myself and my project(s), the decisions on the way, some numbers, personal learnings, and next steps. Okay, let's go.

My da...